Toilet Paper Pumpkin

What you'll need...
  • roll of toilet paper (with the TP still on!)
  • two pages of scrapbook paper 
  • small piece of brown construction paper
  • glue or tape
  • ribbon
Take your roll of toilet paper and have your smartypants squish, step, mush, bend- until it starts to get a little "plump" like a pumpkin.  Speaking from experience, I don't recommend sitting on it.  Tear one to two inch strips of scrapbook paper and crinkle to make it look worn and rustic.  Place the strips of paper in the top and bottom of the toilet paper roll, overlapping each piece so the TP doesn't show.  You may want to use some glue or tape to help it stay put.  Roll a small piece of brown construction paper to make the stem and glue into the top.  Add a snazzy bow to beautify your TP pumpkin!  Super easy, super fun!  


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