Rudolph Hands and Feet

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose...

What you'll need...
  • light colored construction paper
  • brown washable paint
  • googly eyes
  • red pom-poms, buttons, or anything else you can make a nose with
  • brown crayon or marker (if you're making the one on the right)
Lay out a piece of construction paper.  Paint your child's foot with brown paint and press onto paper.  If they're really wiggly then just do the foot (as pictured on right).  If they're a little older and will spread their fingers out, do the hands next (as pictured on left).
Glue on googly eyes and add antlers if you need 'em. 

The inspiration for this art project showed the nose with small red pom-poms.  Obviously, we only had one very large one and a large red button.  Sometimes you gotta get creative with what you have.  You could also make a red nose with tissue paper...we've all got some of that lying around!


Erin said...

I recently found your blog. I teach special education pre-k and I love your ideas! I'm your newest follower!

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