Ghost Footprints

What you'll need...
  • black and orange cardstock
  • white and black paint
  • white puffy paint
  • glue
We've seen a lot of variations of the ghosts.  You may decide to do just one footprint, and/or use construction paper or canvas.  Cardstock is sturdy and holds the test of time, as well as allowing us to do this craft year after year.  We can watch our ghosts grow next year!  Paint the bottom of your smartypant's feet white, and gently place onto the black cardstock.  Once it dries, assist in painting two small dots for the eyes.  Use white puffy paint to write the year, names, etc. Mount onto orange cardstock, and BAM, you're done! 

Here's a link to some EASY Halloween word searches: http://printables.kaboose.com/halloween-word-search-very-easy.html


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