Letter "Ff" Week

Let's have some FUN with the letter "Ff"...

You’ll need...
  • Paper plate
  • green paint
  • red construction paper
  • googly eyes
Paint the backside of a paper plate green.  Once dry, fold in half and tape, glue, or staple.  Handprint green painted hands on white construction paper.  Cut out and glue to the plate.  Glue some eyes, make a face, and attach a red tongue made with red construction paper

Letter Hunt
Find a bucket, basket or bowl and let your child “hunt” for items around the house that begin with the letter “Ff”. Will they find a frog, firefighter, fish, flower, or a fairy? You can repeat this several times throughout the week! When they find an item, make sure you’re reinforcing what letter the item begins with.

We like to find "Ff" items the night before and hide around the house.  They think it's fun when they wake up in the morning!

Fish Pond Cookies

What you'll need:
  • swedish fish
  • frosting
  • blue food coloring
  • cookies
*If you're feeling extra chef-like, make your own cookies to decorate.  Sometimes life is busy, and that's when I'm thankful for a can of already-made frosting and cookie dough. ;)

Directions: Color your frosting blue and spread on the pond.  Let your smartypants place the fish in the pond.  A fun, frosting-topped reward at the end of the week is FABULOUS!

FINE MOTOR SKILLSFishy "Fs": Fill a bowl with goldfish and let your smartypants form the letter "Ff".  If you have colored goldfish, you can talk about patterns and colors too! 

Funny Feet (extra fun!):
What you'll need:
  • shoes that you don't mind making "funny"
  • pennies
  • glue gun
  • googly eyes
  • anything you can find to make your feet funny!
Glue your funny face on your funny feet!  Have FUN!  Glue pennies on the bottom so your smartypants can get their funnies out with a little tap dancing!

BOOKS: Below you will find a few suggested books for your little one. You should be able to find these at home or your local library.  
  • Frogs by Gail Gibbons
  • The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner
  • The Icky Sticky Frog by Dawn Bentley
COLORING PAGE: Print off the Ff is for Frog coloring sheet on the Fisher-Price website. Click on the link below and it will take you to your destination: 
“LITTLE” TIP OF THE WEEK: After reading an "Ff"-focused book, have your smartypants flip through the pages and point out all the letter Fs to encourage letter recognition.  

Isn't the Letter "Ff" fantastic?!


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